Quest for Good in European Culture (Course in English)

tuesday 18. september 2018, 17:23

Winter Semester • course code: KST/QGEC

Tuesday 14:00-15:30 • Univerzitní 22, room U4

Instructors: Dominik Opatrný, Jan Czudek

"What is good?"

European culture has long tradition in asking, but also new challenges:

  • Role of Religion in Ethics
  • Moral Conscience
  • What is Natural? What is Normal?
  • Forgiveness - Key to the Future
  • Virtues: The Western Way of Personality Development
  • Nature and Natural Law
  • Truth in Post-Truth Society
  • End of Life Decisions
  • What Makes Marriage Christian?
  • Unfulfilled Desire for Children
  • When the Martial Bond is Broken Spiritual Care as a Part of Holistic Treatment in Hospitals