Europe: User's Guide (Course in English)

tuesday 18. september 2018, 17:23

The basic introduction into the European values and roots of European culture especially for students from non-European cultural background. It presents basic hermeneutical key to the modern European society.

  1. Paradigms of the European thought: Athens, Roma, and Jerusalem. (Watching: Charlie Chaplin´s movie Modern times.)
  2. Freedom and totality in the history of Europe (Reading: Václav Havel, The Power of the Powerless.
  3. Atheism, unbelief, indifference and cultural atheism in the Czech Republic.(Reading: M. P. Gallagher, What are they saying about unbelief?)
  4. Europe, Reason, Faith, Spirituality, and Religion (Watching: Rolanda Joffe´s movie The Mission, 1986)
  5. Interreligious and intercultural dialogue; Judaism, Christianity, Islam, ... sharing one and the same culture?