doc. Mgr. Dominik OPATRNÝ, Th.D.

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Katedra systematické teologie

CM teologická fakulta

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Current courses
Course title Department/Abbrev. Semester Type Classes
International Conference Participation 1 CMF/ICP1 ZS Se 0
International Conference Participation 1 CMF/ICP1 LS Se 0
Participation in Academic Activities CMF/VTAKP ZS Cv 0
Participation in Academic Activities CMF/VTAKP LS Cv 0
Christian Etics KST/KEKET ZS 4
Christian Etics KST/KEKET ZS Se 4
Moral Dilemmas of a Social Worker KST/KSMDI ZS 5
Moral Dilemmas of a Social Worker KST/KSMDI ZS Se 5
General Moral Theology KST/KTMTO LS 7
Seminar on Moral Theology KST/KTSMT ZS Se 7
Moral Theology General KST/KVMTO LS 7
Christian Ethics KST/PEKET ZS Se 1
Christian Ethics KST/PEKET ZS 1
Moral Dilemmas of a Social Worker KST/PSMDI ZS Se 10
Moral Dilemmas of a Social Worker KST/PSMDI ZS 5
Ethics of the Moral and Theological Virtues KST/PTETC ZS 4
Quest for Good in European Culture KST/QGEC ZS Se 2
Academic Writing KFK/VTMVP ZS Se 0
Academic Writing KFK/VTMVP LS Se 0
Moral Theology I KST/4MTO LS 7
Ethics of Moral & Theological Virtues KST/EMTC ZS 4
International teaching week I CMF/VXTW1 ZS Se 47

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