Basic information

Contact adress

Univerzitní 244/22
771 11 Olomouc
58 563 7111

Contact address for press

Mgr. Marta Lucie Cincialová, Th.D.
Vice-Dean for Organisation, Development, External Relations and Further Education
731 600 081, 58 563 7002


About the Faculty

Olomouc is traditionally a center of religious and educational life in Moravia. Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology at Palacky University develops this heritage since 1573. Its mission is to assist the Church and the society to face their contemporary challenges.

Study programmes

Theology is studied both by the candidates of priesthood and general public. Humanitarian and Social work studies critically explore the complexities of the humanitarian crises and responses they trigger, with particular focus on its effects on people, institutions and societies. The Social Education field of study arms future teachers especially with practical skills in after school activities for socially disadvantaged children. A Ph.D. programme "Social and Spiritual Health Determinants" is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to health and illness.

Study in English

The Humanitarian section provides International Summer School in Refugee Law and Rights which involves trans-disciplinary modules with simulations of humanitarian crises. Besides that, the faculty also organizes CEEPUS International Fall Schools in Bioethics. All courses are provided in English. There are International English MA and Ph.D. programmes underway.

Further activities

There are three research centers at the Faculty. Biblical scholars and philosophers prepare translations with commentaries of Septuaginta, Clement of Alexandria and other patristic authors. Practical theologians develop an ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. The psychologists focus on empirical research in social determinants of health and evidence-based policies.

Statistical data

Total amount of students: 1105
Number of newly admitted students: 459
Number of graduates in 2017: 232