Doctoral Programmes in English

Catholic Theology

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This doctoral study programme is intended for graduates of master programme Theology (or Licentiate of theology). The aim of this study is to improve knowledge, research and development in theology and related areas, to reflect current challenges of the contemporary world and newly posed questions in the perspective of dialogue with people of various cultures and value orientation. The programme has three specializations Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology and Christian Philosophy and Practical Theology.

The prerequisite for admission to study is a completed university degree in theology (master of theology, possibly a licentiate of theology), basic knowledge of Latin and Greek, active knowledge of one world language, at least passive knowledge of another world language (at least one of them must be English or German) and successful completion of the admission procedure.

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doc. Dominik Opatrný, Th.D.



Christian Thought

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This doctoral study programme focuses on the interdisciplinary field of theology, history, philosophy and philology. The aim of this study is to reflect the current challenges of the contemporary world and the newly posed questions in the perspective of dialogue with people of various cultures and value orientation. The programme assumes that individual students will focus on different fields of this wide area, e.g. patrology and early Christian studies, Christian philosophy, applied ethics, Church history. The prerequisite for admission to study is a completed master degree in the field of theology, philosophy, history, philology and other related fields of study.

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doc. Vít Hušek, Th.D.



Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health

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This doctoral study programme is based on an interdisciplinary approach to health and disease problems. It takes a holistic view and uses a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model of health. This will make it possible to explain some phenomena and contexts which cannot be explained within individual specializations. We thus offer a unique field that is not offered elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

The programme has a flexible way of studying that will make the most of the student's talent. Emphasis will be placed on the tutorial role of the supervisor. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in existing OUSHI research that has an international reach.

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Jana Cohlová




  1. Complete the online Application Form at:
  2. After filling in the online application form, upload and submit the following documents:
  • Structured Curriculum Vitae (signed)
  • Motivation letter
  • Certified copy of Master´s degree diploma - you are also eligible to apply during the last year of your current study programme, provided you obtain your final degree and submit a certified copy before 30 September of the respective year.
  • Official academic transcripts and certificates from the university (or a certified copy)
  • Letter of Recommendation – from a professor or an academic who can assess the applicant’s ability and motivation to enroll in the program
  • Dissertation project proposal – the proposal of max. 5 pages must define the theoretical or empirical research field of the dissertation project, overall aim of the research, state-of-the-art discussion of theory and research in the area, suggested methodological approach, and bibliography
  • Dissertation Project Presentation (in PPT etc.)
  • Proofs of professional activity in the chosen field of study (such as conference participation, non-degree study, publications, etc. 
  • Additional documentation – Proof of English language competence (CEFR level B2) – to be proven by English language certificates (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE) or documents about previous university studies in English language) and Passport Copy of valid passport or European ID card – a photocopy of the page with a photograph and personal data

Requirements on document certification are different depending on the country where the document was issued information available here. Please study thoroughly:

All the documents stated above (accompanied by a certified translation to Czech or English, if not originally in one of these languages) must be submitted by the deadline also as officially authenticated hard copies to the Faculty of  CMTF: Jitka Ambrozová, Univerzitní 22, CZ 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic - EU



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