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Vice-Dean for Foreign Relations

Faculty Coordinator:

Mgr. Petra Hubená (contact in cases concerning Learning Agreement)
phone: +420 585 637 340 | e-mail: petra.hubena@upol.cz

Palacký University | Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology | International Office
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Course Offer for Exchange Students

Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology offers a great variety of high-quality English-taught courses in which Czech and foreign students participate together.

We offer courses for international exchange students in three branches of study:

International humanitarian and social work

Course code Course ECTS Language Semester
KKS/ISSPS Spiritual sensitivity in the social work practice and theory 3 EN SS
KKS/CBADP Community-Based Approach 5 EN SS
KKS/HOD Humanitarian Organisation's Development 6 EN WS
KKS/HTCO Humanitarian Team Coordination 4 EN WS
KKS/IMBRC Intervention Methodology 6 EN SS
KKS/KSAM Social and Cultural Anthropology 5 EN WS
KKS/NCHA New Challenges in Humanitarian Assistance 4 EN WS
KKS/PAC Peace and Conflict 4 EN SS
KKS/PKS Psychosocial assistance in crisis situations 3 EN WS
KKS/SMMS Social work in multi-cultural and multi-religious environments 4 EN WS
KKS/SPI Selected Problems of International Migration 3 EN SS
KKS/GPISP Global Problems and International Social Policy 5 EN WS
KKS/SSW Positive psychology in counseling 3 EN SS

Theological studies

Course codeCourseECTSLanguageSemester
KBV/EGExegesis of the Gospels5ENWS
KBV/ELExegesis of New Testament Letters5ENSS
KBV/GINT1General and Special Introduction NT (1)4ENSS
KBV/GINT2General and Special Introduction NT (2)4ENWS
KBV/IIIf I ... do not have love2ENWS
KBV/ITAPPApostle Paul: His Life and Theology2ENWS
KBV/ITGOLThe Gospel of Luke: The Literary and Theological Significance2ENSS
KCD/HAF1History and Film (1)3ENWS
KCD/HAF2History and Film (2)3ENSS
KCD/HC19History of Church 19th and 20th century3ENSS
KCD/RMOReligious Monuments in Olomouc4ENWS/SS
KFK/SCFLe Catholicisme social en France4FRSS
KLP/ITAAWArt and Worship2ENWS/SS
KST/DNSRDialogue Sciences and Religion4ENSS
KST/DSRDialogue Sciences and Religion4ENWS
KST/QGECQuest for Good in European Culture4ENSS
KST/RSReligious Studies2ENWS/SS
KSV/ITICIInter-relig. Relations Between Christianity and Islam2ENWS/SS
KSV/VA011Europe: User's Guide4ENWS/SS

Social pedagogy

Course codeCourseECTSLanguageSemester
KKV/KVMEDMedia Education1ENSS
KKV/PPATEArt Therapy for social pedagogues3ENWS
KKV/PPMEDMedia Education2ENWS
KKV/PPSHPSpeak Up - How to hold a pres. in Eng.2ENWS

For ERASMUS+ admission procedure, accommodation, orientation week see the pages of Central International Relations Office of Palacký University.

Double Degree

Théologie catholique

The program of studies Catholic Theology comprises is a complete philosophic-theological cursus including study of source languages according the apostolic constitution of Pope Francis Veritatis gaudium of 7 December 2017 and executory norms of the Congregation for Catholic Education of 27 December 2017. It is aimed at acquiring theoretical knowledge based on the contemporaneous state of scientific knowledge, research and evolution in the field of Catholic theology. The programme is realized as double degree with Institut Catholique de Toulouse.

study programmes catalogue

Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health

This doctoral study programme is based on an interdisciplinary approach to health and disease problems. It takes a holistic view and uses a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model of health. This will make it possible to explain some phenomena and contexts which cannot be explained within individual specializations. We thus offer a unique field that is not offered elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

The programme has a flexible way of studying that will make the most of the student's talent. Emphasis will be placed on the tutorial role of the supervisor. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in existing OUSHI research that has an international reach.

Summer Schools

The International Summer School in Refugee Law and Rights involves trans-disciplinary modules with simulations of humanitarian crises. Besides that, the faculty also organizes CEEPUS International Fall Schools in Bioethics. All courses are provided in English.