Full Report of the International Summer School, OHS, 2018 is now out

sunday 25. november 2018, 20:38

Report — International Summer School in Refugee Law and Rights
Olomouc, 10-19 of August 2018

The International summer school in refugee law and rights organized during August 10-19, 2018 by the Humanitarian studies section team of KKS at CMTF, springs from a tradition founded in Sarajevo, 2012 by Dr. Selma Porobić and late OBE Prof. Emerita Barbara Harrell-Bond from the University of Oxford. This school is modeled according to international summer schools from Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, initiated by Prof. Emerita Barbara Harrell-Bond in the 1980s as a pioneering academic refugee law training for the humanitarians. From the very start, the summer schools in Sarajevo gathered scholars and professionals from all over the world and earned respectful international reputation. Number of previous reports and archived documentation can be found at www.rrpp-efm.net/cesi/category/activities/

This was the 5th international summer school with the 10-days programme entirely dedicated to refugee legal protection with the European regional focus on the asylum right.

School aim

From its start the schools' primary aim has been to bring together the leading academics and the practitioners in providing the students with a blend of theoretical and practical considerations, illustrating the ever-growing importance of this field in Europe and globally, and focusing the multiple aspects how they can proactively contribute to the refugee protection in their own countries through their future carriers in academia, UN, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, media and other.

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