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Mgr. Petra Hubená (contact in cases concerning Learning Agreement)
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Palacký University | Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology | International Office
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Courses for Prospective Students 2018/2019

Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology offers a great variety of high-quality English-taught courses in which Czech and foreign students participate together.

We offer courses for international exchange students in three branches of study:

Theological Studies

Course code Course ECTS Language
KBV/EG Exegesis of the Gospels 5 EN
KBV/EL Exegesis of New Testament Letters 5 EN
KBV/GINT1 General and Special Introduction NT (1) 4 EN
KBV/GINT2 General and Special Introduction NT (2) 4 EN
KBV/II If I ... do not have love 2 EN
KCD/CECE Confessionalisation en Europe Centrale  4 FR/IT
KCD/HAF1 History and Film  (1) 3 EN
KCD/HAF2 History and Film  (2) 3 EN
KCD/HC19 History of Church 19th and 20th century 3 EN
KCD/RMO Religious Monuments in Olomouc 4 EN
KCP/KSEU Kirche und Staat in der Europäischen Union 4 DE
KFK/SCF Le Catholicisme social en France  4 FR
KST/DNSR1 Dialogue Sciences and Religion I 4 EN
KST/DNSR2 Dialogue Sciences and Religion II 4 EN
KST/QGEC Quest for Good in European Culture 4 EN
KST/RS Religious Studies 2 EN
KSV/VA011 Europe: User's Guide 4 EN
KSV/MIDE Media and inter-religion dialog in Egypt 4 EN

Social Policy and Social Work

Course codeCourseECTSLanguage
KKS/PKSPsychosocial assistance in crisis situations3EN
KKS/SMMSSocial work in multi-cultural and multi-religious environments4EN
KKS/CBADPCommunity-Based Approach5EN
KKS/GPSGlobal Problems and International Social Policy5EN
KKS/HODHumanitarian Organisation's Development6EN
KKS/HTCOHumanitarian Team Coordination4EN
KKS/IMBRCIntervention Methodology6EN
KKS/KSAMSocial and Cultural Anthropology5EN
KKS/NCHANew Challenges in Humanitarian Assistance4EN
KKS/PACPeace and Conflict4EN
KKS/SPISelected Problems of International Migration3EN

Pedagogic Studies - Social Education

Course code Course ECTS Language
KKV/SA1 Art Therapy for social pedagogues 3 EN
KKV/MV Media education 2 EN
KKV/SOP2 Social Pedagogy II 4 EN
KKV/IDSP  Integration of Children with Specific Needs 2 EN
KKV/AASP Spanish for Academic Purposes 1 (in Spanish) 4 SP

ERASMUS+ | Admission procedure, accommodation, orientation week, etc.

See the pages of Central International Relations Office of Palacký University.